Post Weekend Update


Well Friday was a busy day like expected, with many triaged,  numerous wounds dressed  and medications were handed out.  We also made a couple hospital trips, one van load again with two nurses for some more tests like X-ray and ultrasounds.  Sadly we encountered out first very ill patient who had to be physically carried in by family and friends, she was brought by on the experienced nurses to hospital in hopes to be admitted for care and treatment.  There was a lot of issues with test results, treatment and transfers amongst hospitals, but our nurse left this young 21 year old girl in the hospital with an emergency contact number so that we could help her recieve the care she needed to get better. 

Saturday we had a half day with a party- Well we were told it was a half day but if you do the hours it was more of a 75% day. The day flew by as us Canadian nurses, Kenya nurses, chief medical officer were all looking forward to some relaxing fun time together that afternoon.  Despite a light rain fall, we still managed to enjoy some pizza, candy, and drinks together after the rain stopped..the rain made the dance floor a tad bit muddy but that did not stop the Kenya nurses from showing us how to dance and move our hips in ways we didn’t know was possible.

Sunday was our day off were we split into two groups, three nurses went off the Kakamega forest for a hike, and the rest of us headed to lake Victoria for a boat ride and hippo watching….Sadly no hippos were seen as the water levels were to high but it was a nice relaxing boat ride, and some of us even got a little sun kissed you could say.  We then headed to a local market..we were warned that this was when we had to stand our ground and be stern with prices…well that was easy when we had an unknown secret bargainer on this trip…who would have known the small but mighty “baby” of the group knew how to take charge and had some mean wheeling and dealing skills in her back pocket.

During dinner all of us hippo goers were anxious to hear about the forest walk and all of the animals they got to see- which was monkeys, and butterflies during their 9km walk. And us boaters got to say, we seen no animals but had a great day non the less. 

We have always said on this trip how fortune we are to be from Canada, and the health care we receive . I know as a floor nurse it was always frustrating when you had to wait for results or for tests to be done…but I had always been proud of the care I gave despite the impatient wait for results or answers.   I personally was shocked to hear people will just be left untreated in the hospital if they did not pay upfront and eventually would die, it hurt my hurt to heart…and all of our hearts were devastated last night at the dinner table, when we got the call that this young girl from Friday had passed away at the hospital..despite us willing to front the bill for treatment, antibiotics , tests etc – it was the weekend and they were not able to do anything until certain results came back…it was a hard reality for all of us , and truly believe that if this young girl would have been fortunate enough to receive the care we do in Canada she would have been able to to survive and tell the story, now we are all left to mourn the loss.

Today is day 7 of clinics- I have sadly been under the weather and spent the day at our home away from home.  So I am relaying on the next blog to be posted by my partner in crime tomorrow morning at the breakfast table while I can sit back and enjoy a coffee. Thanks for following along on this journey, and hopefully the third times a charm and I have finally figured out how to upload pictures properly….Again I am a nurse, a jack of all trades but I usually leave the IT technical stuff up to the professionals.

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