Trip update…Late again ( Sorry)

Good morning everyone from Kakamega !

Everyone says nurses are the jack of all trades, well let me tell you- this nurse is no IT specialist..we ran into some website hiccups but luckily we are back up and running and we will be able to provide daily updates going forward .

Update on clinic day 3 : We had out largest crowd yet at Kigama Friends Chuch, over 600 people seen and roughly 20 wounds addressed and 2 people taken to the emergency clinic and over 30 reading glasses distributed. We held a huddle before the day and opened end up lines of communication even better amongst the whole team and we could tell the different the day went smoothly as we are now in our groove and have developed a good system amongst triage, chief clinical officers and medication distributions .

Maternal child program update day 3: The three nurses in this program got the chance to visit the Kegondi Health centre- this facility is where they treat people with HIV, TB and also an outpatient clinic for small surgeries and wound care/fractures they also have a 5 bed postpartum ward equipped with mosquito nets .

Update on clinic day 4: Well it was an eventual drive to the Wangulu friends Chuch – the bus got stuck and we were not sure if we would even make it to the clinic, but thankfully some local friendly people pushed us while us nurses “rocked out” in the van and the local little kids laughed at us. We seen over 500 people at this clinic, did 2 home visits, a couple home jiggers treatments, and sent 5 people to the hospital. While we kept busy at the clinic , the other ladies visited Sabatia Referral Hospital- which is a secondary hospital that patient who need higher level of care would go and roughly do 80-100 births per month, they also don’t have c-section capabilities at this facility.

We apologize for the delay in updates, going forward it will be more often!

We are all now enjoying a nice relaxing breakfast before heading to the Chavakali Friends church where all hands will be on deck as Lisa, Marilyn and Melanie will be joining us in the clinic.

Chat again tomorrow morning.


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