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All members of Canadian Nurses for Africa are volunteers. All funds donated and raised go toward supporting the medical missions and public health programs directly. Our largest expense during each mission is medications. As the jiggers program, deworming program and building latrines are all on going, they require continuous financial support.

Charitable Number: 83508 0904 RR0001

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  1. Bernetta Ezekiel

    Keep up the good work,so proud of all the nurses on this mission especially my daughter Suzanne.God Bless and keep safe.

  2. Susan Mummery-Bacon

    What a terrible umbilical hernia! I too have one but nothing like this beautiful little guy.
    Please add my donation to take care of him!

    1. Canadian Nurses For Africa

      It is terrible and potentiality life threatening! Thank you so very much Sue!

  3. Pam

    Love what you do.

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