Kenya update: on the ground

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Jambo from Kenya, we have had a wild ride with technology connection but here we are. we have been in an area of Kenya called Kakamega since last week and have already had 9 of our scheduled clinics… time flies when you are doing good in the world! Each clinic we have seen anywhere from 500-600 deserving Kenyan’s. For many of these people they haven’t had access to health care since last year…. Something most of us cannot imagine. We have been so fortunate to learn from our Kenyan partners … the nurses, Clinical officers and the community health partners. There have been so many amazing moments of connection and sharing. One really neat thing we have been working on this year is the Maternal Health program…. While it’s great to offer assessment, treatment and medication in our medical camps, it is also important to help further the education of the people who will be supporting new moms when we leave. The educational program is being so well received and the Maternal program group have been overjoyed with the great strides they are making…. Good job team.

Our medical camps have been working closely with the ongoing local Jiggers program, to treat so many people of this horrible condition. Jiggers are a sand flea that infests the fingers, toes and other body parts that are resting/sitting/playing in infested areas…. This leads to painful sores. People respond to treatment relatively quickly and we have been able to reach so many people both at the medical camps and visit them in their homes to provide treatment of their spaces to hopefully prevent reinfestation. It’s a challenging job and hard to see but so wonderful to be a part of offering some relief to people.

There have been many hospital visits where our team have experienced a hospital system gravely different from the ones we are accustomed to. Its interesting to see that while public health services exists there are so many barriers to people accessing them…. CNFA is thankful to all of its supporters which in turn allows us to assist people in accessing some of this much needed care.

Our team is doing well, staying safe and healthy. You will see in many of our photos that this kind of work, while challenging, is also so rewarding. Learning together, laughing together and overall helping people in rural and remote villages access the health care they deserve, together.

Now that we have our technological hurdles figured out, we will continue to update our time left here in Kenya.

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