CNFA is a nurse-led volunteer organization empowering nurses to use their highly developed skills and knowledge in a field setting. We conduct medical missions to Kenya where we partner with Kenyan medical personnel and community workers. We treat a wide range of illnesses, with malaria and upper respiratory problems being the most frequent. We also treat many wounds and do point-of-care diabetes testing. Along with our daily clinics, we conduct sexual health education classes for men, women and students, deworming programs in schools, a jiggers eradication program and finance the building of school latrines. We also provide hospital care for the acutely ill that are seen at our clinics.

Canadian Nurses for Africa is composed entirely of volunteers. We strive to provide free medical care to the people in the Kakamega and Vihiga regions of Kenya through the medical missions and ongoing public health initiatives. Our goal is to improve the general health of those who live in the area. Improved health results in improved school performance and higher levels of employment. We will continue to provide ongoing programs, such as our jiggers eradication program, school deworming program, and building school latrines in order to meet our objectives.