Since 2009 CNFA nurses have traveled each year to Kakamega and Vihiga counties of Kenya to work alongside Kenyan nurses and clinic officers to hold mobile medical clinics. Usually, 11 consecutive clinic days are held in various locations to help serve on average 6,600 people per year. As of 2019, CNFA has seen 73, 457 people at our clinics!

The missions, suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, are set to resume in the Spring of 2023.

In addition to the clinics, which diagnose, treat, or refer patients to hospital, thousands of children and adults have received treatments for worms, jiggers, wounds and other medical problems. All pharmaceuticals are donated free of charge to patients. People are also tested for Malaria, with very high positivity rates. Home visits are also made during the clinics when needed. CNFA pays for the follow-up care given to patients who are assisted to hospital, including surgeries and longer-term care. Sexual health classes are also held on each mission involving hundreds of girls each time, and reusable sanitary pads made by Canadian women are distributed. Non-prescription eyeglasses are also provided.

During all missions to date, malaria has been the main disease diagnosed at the clinics, followed by upper respiratory illnesses. We see a host of other ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, infections of all kinds, musculo-skeletal injuries and pains, arthritis, dental problems, abdominal pain and many more.

2019 Mission

A total of 6,820 patients were seen during the 11 clinics, and 15 patients were treated in hospital as a result of being assessed in the clinics.

Deworming of 1691 school children took place, approximately 288 patients were treated for jiggers, 61 wounds were treated and 315 non-prescription reading glasses were distributed.

Follow-up care is now being provided for 5 children with umbilical and inguinal hernias, 1 adult with an inguinal hernia, 1 young male awaiting removal of a massive lipoma and another young male is being fitted for a leg prosthesis.

2018 Mission

Group photo at a stop overlooking the Great Rift Valley on our 8-10 hour drive from Nairobi to Kakamega.

Number of persons seen at our clinics: 5,322
Number of home visits: 12
Number of persons given Jiggers treatments: 323
Number of children dewormed: 1,573
Total: 7,230 

Our other achievements:

424 persons were tested for Malaria, with 181 testing positive and treated
90 wounds were treated
405 girls were given sexual health classes and reusable sanitary pads
451 pairs of non-prescription reading glasses were fit
19 persons were assisted to hospital and care paid for by CNFA

2017 Mission

Number of persons seen at our clinics: 7,171
Number of home visits: 10
Number of persons given Jiggers treatments: 361
Number of children dewormed: 578
Total: 8,121                                                                  

We also achieved:

Number of persons tested for Malaria: 497 (314 positive)
Number of wounds treated: 80
Number of persons who participated in sexual health teaching: 165
Number of persons provided with glasses: 368
Number of persons assisted to hospital: 25

2016 Mission

In 11 days, with our team of 7 nurses and 1 support person, we were once again able to accomplish great strides in our region.

Number of persons seen at our clinics: 5,933
Number of persons given Jiggers treatments: 211
Number of children dewormed: 864

For a total of 7,000 men, women, and children treated.

We also achieved:

Non-prescription reading glasses given: 377
Transferred to hospital and paid for care: 17
Number of wounds treated: 89
Young women and high school girls given sexual health education and gifted with reusable sanitary pads: 215
Home visits: 6

Since returning to Canada, we are looking at providing further care to several persons needing surgery and walking aids, including prostheses.

2015 Mission

This mission was comprised of 8 nurses and 1 support person, again, conducting 11 days of field clinics. The number of patients we are seeing in the clinics is decreasing. We are repeatedly told it is due to the fact that the communities are healthier due to the missions and public health programs done by CNFA and, indeed, the population seems healthier in general.

Number who visited the clinics: 6,204
Number of jiggers treatments: 293
Number of school children dewormed: 4,027

For a total of : 10,524 persons treated

We also provided:

  • wound care to: 88
  • reading glasses to: 398
  • sexual health classes to: 188
  • home visits to: 3
  • transferred to hospital and care paid : 9

And amazingly, we built one house and supplied a roof for a second house!

2014 Mission

This mission had a small but mighty team of 6 nurses doing 11 days of field clinics. We learned that a small team working with our Kenyan partners is just as effective as a large team!

Number who visited the clinics: 7,247

Number of school children dewormed: 1,774

Number of jiggers treatments: 508

For a total of: 9,529 persons treated

We also provided –

  • wound care to: 169
  • reading glasses to 444
  • gave sexual health classes to: 262
  • transferred to hospital and paid for care: 22

2013 Mission

With a team of 13 in 11 days of field clinics we treated 11,887 men, women and children:
Number visiting the clinics: 7,818
Number of Jiggers treatments- 1,058
Number of school children dewormed- 3,007
Home visits- 4
FOR A TOTAL OF: 11,887 individuals treated

Number of wounds treated- 150
Number of patients provided hospital care- 8
Sexual education classes- grade 8 and above girls: 266
– women: 56
– boys: 65
Crutches were provided to one person.

2012 Mission

This was our longest mission to date with 11 days of clinics in April. We treated a total of 14,789 people, transported 22 people to hospital where we paid all fees. We treated 138 people for a variety of wounds. In conjunction with the regular clinics, our community workers held 11 jiggers clinics for a total of 1,081 treated. We also conducted deworming programs in 12 different schools. A total of 5,361 children were treated. Our sexual health classes included 275 men, women and students. For the first time, we also conducted home visits to see immobilized persons. We travelled to 5 homes where we examined the patients, assessed their needs and devised a care plan.

2011 Mission

CNFAs third mission was in May. Nine members travelled again and this time treated 6,535 people over 8 days of clinics. We conducted 11 sexual health clinics and 9 people were transported to hospital with all fees paid. We piloted a school deworming program which resulted in 1,633 children being treated. Women in Canada sewed reusable sanitary pads which were handed out to women and girls during the sexual health classes. They were overjoyed to receive the pads so we decided to continue to provide them each year.

2010 Mission

The second CNFA medical mission to the Chavakli/Vihiga districts of Kenya comprised of 7 nurses and 2 support persons. 7 different communities were provided care in as many days. Sexual Health Education was introduced for the first time with classes held in conjunction with the daily clinics, as space and privacy allowed. We also transported several acutely ill patients to hospital and paid all fees.

Number of patients treated: 3,300

2009 Mission

In May 2009, a group of 8 CNFA nurses partnered with Kenyan nurses and Clinical Officers for 7 days of field clinics, each day in a different community. This amazing first mission to the Chavakali/Vihiga area of Kenya was so successful and the need so great that we pledged to continue to serve these communities. It quickly became apparent that we needed to expand our program to provide broader care to the Kenyan people. It was decided to provide sexual health teaching and to ensure hospital transfer and treatment of the acutely ill during future missions.

Number of patients treated at clinics: 2,500
Patients transferred to hospital and fees paid: 3

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  1. I am a Ugandan retired nurse who has Just dropped a mail for you and then I was prompted to read more about the Canadian Nurses for Africa.
    I can say well done, great work. Whereas I needed partners to work with over the initiative I am starting I realize there is much in common between what you are doing and the activities I have commenced.We could share with you ideas for long term solutions to some of he problems you are addressing based on experience as a person who grew up in rural community.
    Is it possible to plan an interactive session when you come to Kenya. We could meet so that we can have face to face sharing session with your team.
    I shall be grateful to share with you or twin with you for activities activities in African countries other than for my own initiative.
    God bless you,
    Ruth Kulume Okwanga, RN,BScN

    1. Canadian Nurses For Africa

      Hello Ruth,
      Please use our email, much easier for correspondence:
      Kind regards,
      Patti Harbman
      President, Canadian Nurses for Africa

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