Clinic Day 3 – Chavuli Pag Wodanga

Today Meaghan, Hilary and Johnstone went to three homes for jiggers treatments where they sprayed down the homes and clothing of the families and soaked their hands and feet in potassium permanganate to rid the jiggers. They also fitted the family with all new clothing. 

Meaghan and Patti also went on another home visit to treat an elderly lady with cellulitis. As they were heading there, Laura asked “where are you going?” And Kenyan nurse Jane responded with “on safari!!”

Marie, Harriet and I played soccer for at least two hours with 150 kids who were just booting the ball wherever and whenever they could – it was less of a game of soccer and more of a game of dodge the ball that’s coming straight for your face. At one point I subbed out with Meaghan who said “I don’t want to get hit in the face again this year” but then continued to join the game anyways.

Today was Karen and Kristen’s birthdays and Hilary found out she got a new job so we celebrated with some tuskers (shocker) and cake. 

We ended our clinic day with a 6km walk through the village with the locals where Victor pushed Laura and I in front of someone coming head on towards us on a motorcycle. Thankfully he missed but Victor says it’s better to cross the road in a group because it’s better to die in a group then alone. 

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