Clinic Day 4 – Wangulu – West Maragoli

Nancy and Kristen went on a home visit to treat an elderly lady who had a severe case of jiggers. On the way back they got their monthly workout in pushing the matatu that was stuck teeter tottering on a hill. 

Harriet went to the hospital to admit a 7 year old boy with malaria who was febrile and had a seizure at home. 

Lynn, Hilary and Kenyan nurse Sarah taught 40 girls about sexual health and gave them all reusable sanitary pads. 

Kristen didn’t think the outhouses were bad enough so she decided to break the door off the hinges. 

This is Gail with a family who gave her a live chicken as a gift to say thank you.

Update 4.0: the cockroach is still under the garbage can but a moth that’s the size of a dragon joined him so it’s not so lonely. 

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  1. Hannah McBride

    I am so Glad be a very small part in helping you all do the wonderful work you are doing.
    Gail, if you bring the chicken home we can introduce her to a lovely cockerel that we saw on our walk on Tuesday. Stay safe al of you.

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