Clinic Day 2 – Budaywa – Basali East

Laura and I slept in Kenya’s finest waterbeds last night after we left the windows open during dinner and a torrential downpour flooded our room.

Today Harriet and Johnstone went on two home visits to do jiggers treatments. 

Laura and Victor went on a home visit to see an older man with a leg wound who couldn’t make it to the clinic. They cleansed and dressed it and gave him supplies to do the dressing himself. They’ll follow up with him on Thursday.

Heading to and from clinic in the matatu can get pretty bumpy so Nancy decided to use a soccer ball as a helmet. 

Hilary and Kristen were in charge of wound care at the clinic today. 

Meaghan handed out a pair of shoes to the cutest little girl who loved showing them off. 

Update 2.0: Kristen’s bag finally arrived so no more borrowing donated underwear and Laura can have all of her razors back. 

Update 3.0: the cockroach is still under the garbage can under Laura’s bed. 

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  1. patti cleaver

    So awesome to see the day to day activities! So proud of you Meaghan!

  2. Tonia Christie

    You gals are amazing, I love reading your daily posts. The pictures are awesome. Keep up the good work and the smiles. Again Happy Birthday Kristen. hugs from us XX

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