May 8, 2023: Chavakali

As we go into clinic #7 I would like to wish The Squad and all our colleagues a Happy Nurses Week. I have had the privilege of working with so many amazing nurses in my career and the squad is no different. You all ROCK!!

The Squad +4
We clean up nice.

Today at Chavakali we saw over 400 people. The clinics have been fairly consistent in numbers. This week we will be able to go to the schools to provide services. Last week the schools were on break. Please note that there are graphic images that follow in this blog.

At clinic today there were 4 burns that were attended to…several days old burns. Some had gone to hospital but are only dressed with gauze and sent on their way. Without proper care the wounds can become infected, and will heal with a lot of scarring, disfigurement, and can impact function and mobility, which in turn impacts employability. Young children are at high risk for burns due to the open fires that are used for cooking and hot water spills are also common.

Several day old burn from hot water on a young child. He will return to clinic during the week to have it redressd and assessed. Whether or not he will be left with any sequelae remains to be seen.
Carried in by his brother to have his burn attended to.
Kim, Zandra and Fatima outfitted the burn patient and his sublings with new outfits and a soccer ball. Warms our hearts to provide what we can.

This week also started with a bit of a gastrointestinal issue slowly “running” through us. Not severe to stop any from attending clinic but let’s just say no one wants to have to “run” to a latrine to do their business.

Latrine…’nuff said

Team Member Intro: Meet Trish who works at Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington. She says “I have been going on the Kenyan Medical missions most years since 2010. I initially went as an experience and then back because once there the need and the gratitude I experienced from the Kenyan people really draws you back. The staff we work with feel like family. I so look forward to seeing them every year. CNFA was an obvious choice as I knew everyone who went on the 2009 mission as they were all from JBH ER where I had worked for years.”

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