May 7, 2023: A Little R & R

Today was our day off and yay…we got to sleep in…or so we thought…0530 there was the daily call to prayer sounds (this happens every morning), followed by early morning worship services in the vicinity. It was almost like we had surround sound and it was very loud and lasted a few hours.

Sound on for worship

Part of our group went to Kisumu and visited the Masai Market, Hippo tours and then to pick up a small supply of meds that we had run out of. The other half stayed at the Shewye and took care of some administrative stuff and relaxed.

Much to our disappointment….no hippos. Our guide said that where there are hippos there is fish, so they go there and scare them away so they can fish. There was also alot of activity with an number of vendors hawking their wares and visitors to the beach, so may have also deterred the hippos from making their presence known. It was nice to be on the water, a bit cooler with a nice breeze, but….no hippos. We should have saved the market for after and did our retail therapy after the disappointment.

Masai Market
Masai Market
Ahoy me mateys
Kenyan Sailboats…fishing boat
Such a contrast with the white cloud and blue sky
Drying the nets
All ashore
Street market…you think West Ed Mall or Sherway Gardens, or (Insert Name) Mall are busy at holiday time…come to Kakamega and push your way through this throng.

All in all it wasnt a really bad day but… hippos.

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