May 6, 2023: Igunga

Today we reach the midpoint of our stay. We’re all tired, ready for a break. Clinic went smoothly enough but busy. Jiggers clinic also saw several people. From a bit of research I have read Jiggers is more prevalent in the Vihiga district with some hot zones. I believe we have hit a few of these hot zones in the past 3-4 days. The following link is to a blog spot on Jiggers for those of you who would like to read a bit more about it. It’s an easy read, not technical in nature, and reasonably short. And written by a reputable source.

Todays clinic was a “half day”, yet we still saw over 400 patients. Following clinic we had a staff appreciation picnic. This included all of us (Jeff, Jerry, Johnstone and Evans are included in the ‘us’), the Kenyan nurses, clinical officers, and the community workers. The picnic was held on the grounds of a local resident and we thank them for allowing us to invade their yard. It was a beautiful day, beautiful surroundings, turkeys and all, and everyone enjoyed their time.

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