May 5, 2023: Wangulu

Today was a day that my get up and go, got up and went, so I stayed behind to get some needed rest and did not attend clinic. By reports from the returning squad it sounds like they had a good day, with less chaos. The location had more space so everything flowed smoother and they saw over 570 patients, with only a couple of hospital visits. The weather has been good to us with the rain coming in sporadic moments. It has been sunny and hot, but there was a breeze today which made it a bit more tolerable at clinic.

Rain at the Shewye

Team Member Intro: meet Carmella. Carmella is probably the quietest of the squad. Absorbing all the sites and sounds around us she is keen to participate, thorough, studious, and willing to learn. Underneath that quiet exterior there hides a wit and sense of humor though. This is Carmella’s first mission.

The rest of today’s blog will consist of photos taken by the squad, of todays clinic. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Priscilla, our wound care expert, and other duties as assigned.
Jennifer, triaging the littles.
Tanya, triaging more littles.
The med squad (L- R) Lynn, Sarah, Tanya, Priscilla and Beatrice
Zandra, pediatrics is her speciality
Kim, clothing donations put to good use.
Home visit – Jiggers, treating all belongings
Johnstone spraying the house to kill the offending causative agent…a type of sand flea.
Jiggers treatment clinic. Closed toed shoes are the best method to prevent Jiggers. All these patients have received new shoes.
Trish a seasoned veteran
Fatima, a big heart who gives so much of herself.
Yard maintenance at the Shewye. Removing a branch from a tree. Bottom left – 2 men hold a large stick with a rope tied in the middle which leads up to the branch being removed. Top right, a fellow chopping the branch…with a machete.
The photo-op picture with the Governor.
Sunset at dinnertime, 7pm.

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