Clinic Day Three at Mudungu

Barb and Patti did a home visit with Johnson and treated a family of 5 for jiggers. Jiggers is a type of sand flea here in certain parts of Kenya that gets under the toenails and fingernails and can cause severe deformity and infection if left untreated. They sprayed the entire home and had each member of the family soak their hands and feet in a potassium permanganate solution for anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the severity of the infestation.









Ingrid went on a hospital transfer with a very sick 46 year old man who presented with shortness of breath and a cough and ended up having TB and malaria. When she arrived at the hospital she was shocked at how the man wasn’t placed under airborne precautions. He ended up being admitted and we had to purchase his own personal utensils and medications for him while in hospital.









At today’s clinic we treated a total of 523 people, taught sexual health to 45 young girls, had 11 out of 49 positive malaria cases that were treated, gave out 46 pairs of reading glasses, dewormed 46 children, treated 10 wounds, and had 3 home jiggers treatments.

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  1. James Luzinga

    Recommendable work you have really supported the community since initiative of this programme.

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