Clinic Day Four at Wangulu









If you’re asking what this picture is about I’ll tell you. Normally we leave at 7am for clinic but this morning Lynn came running out of her room at 7:05am in her pyjamas in full blown panic mode yelling “I JUST WOKE UP!! I JUST WOKE UP!!” Not pictured is her tripping over barbed wire and falling onto the grass right after this.

After playing a solid game of soccer with some kids, my pants decided to split right down the middle but thankfully an African lady named Mary came to my rescue to sew them up. It’s safe to say that Lynn and I were not off to a good start today.









Karen watched some RDTs (rapid diagnostic tests) for malaria being done by our Kenyan nurses. A small amount of blood is collected like a glucometer and it only takes about 5 minutes for the result to come back. Out of the 36 tested today, 15 were positive.








Our fearless leader Gail with our Kenyan nurses, Brenda, Winnie, Jane, Sarah, Rosaline and Victor.

We had a total of 506 people at the clinic. 41 pairs of reading glasses were given, 25 young girls were taught about sexual health and given sanitary pads, 10 wounds were treated, and 6 people were treated for jiggers.

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  1. Priscilla Bowler

    sounds like you are having a blast and seeing so many people. Fantastic!!!. I just printed my boarding pass. see you all soon, priscilla

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