Clinic Day Two at Budaywa – Basali East

Lynn, Krista and our Kenyan nurse Sarah gave quite the laugh to 30 young girls while teaching sexual health and handing out reusable sanitary pads.









Becca had the opportunity to go to the hospital with a young 13 year old boy who fell out of a tree and broke both of his arms three weeks ago. He came to us to be treated and we sent him to the hospital to have both arms x-rayed, manipulated and placed in casts.















Ingrid learned how to deworm children by providing them with albendazole medication and making sure they took each pill right away.









We finished the day off with a long walk from the clinic down a dirt road, walking with the locals while kids were yelling “mzungus!” (White people).

We treated a total of 542 people, gave out 39 reading glasses, did 16 jiggers treatments and gave out 4 jiggers shoes, taught sexual health to 35 young girls, sent one young boy to the hospital and paid for his treatments, treated 5 wounds, and dewormed 152 children.

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  1. Marnie (Maureen) Bernard

    I know what the laughter was about: nurse Krista’s “diaper” looks like it will be falling down pretty quick. Eek!!! (Do you find them impossibly skimpy too, Krista? ) Not suitable for us taller gals, and Kenyans are taller too, aren’t they? I enlarged the pic – and it’s exciting to recognize the pads we just packed a month ago, in the hands of real people who will use them!

    Your blogs are so interesting! And how on earth DID you fit all those people and suitcases in one van? Suitcases must have been piled impossibly high on top. Fodder for a cartoonist, eh?

    Keep up the fantastic work! You’re making such a difference to so many peoples’ lives. When you become exhausted, remember the story about the starfish on the beach.


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