Clinic Day 5 – Kigama – North Maragoli

Today’s clinic started off a little slow but by the afternoon we had a huge wave of people come through, as well as another torrential downpour. At one point Jeff tried to put the wound care bucket on Marie’s head to shield her from the rain. Here is our Mama Gail hiding from the rain in her Maasai blanket.

Hilary fixed two little girls with all new outfits.

It was a day filled with wound care that was tackled by Harriet, Hilary, Victor, Marie and Kristen – we had 9 wounds cleansed and dressed. Two of which were returns – one was the same little girl, Faith, who we’ve been seeing all week for a bad burn to her arm and the other was a young man who came to our clinic last year after he’d fallen off his motorcycle. His arm has much improved since we first saw him one year ago. 

Faith drew some pictures and wrote a letter thanking everyone for helping treat her – she is the sweetest little girl and so grateful.

Laura and I spent the entire day at triage singing “you, over here, you, over here!” – it was a 50/50 shot on who we made laugh and who we scared away. 

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  1. Marnie Bernard

    Thanks for your interesting posts and photos! It’s so odd to see such terrible burns on people with such beautiful (ie: clear, smooth) skin: what a contrast. And the lady with the terrible jiggers malformations on her feet – will they eventually go mostly back to normal, after the treatment?

    2 birthdays on the same day – how weird is that? And what will “Mama Gail” do with her live chicken? (Oh, country gals have many creative uses for them…!)

    Keep up the GREAT work you’re doing there. We’re thinking of you all.


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