Clinic Day 6 – Igunga – Chavakali

We were dropping like flies today – three members of our dream team had to stay back from clinic because they were sick but at least they had the toilet to keep them company. 

Jerry started off morning prayer by reading the bible for us today. 

Being Saturday, it was a shorter clinic day. We treated about 360 people. We had a lot of children at the clinic today so we gave out lots of clothing and toys, as well as colouring pictures. 

We treated a lot of wounds again today – many of which were returns from previous clinics throughout the week. 

Marie and I treated a wound of a young woman who got into an argument with her husband who had cut her with a knife. It was a pretty deep cut that originally needed stitches but being that it happened a few days ago, an infection had started. We cleansed and dressed it with silver cell and told her to come back to our clinic on Monday. 

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  1. Dawn

    Well done everyone….it will be nice to have a day off

  2. Karen Pal

    You guys are having way too much fun, except for the toilets of course. I remember that part too

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