Tuesday April 29

Our first 2014 clinic at Budaywa! We had a great day with a steady flow of patients and a variety of needs. Becca did 10 wounds including a young girl (11) who did not have a parent but made it to the clinic. Childhood is very short here. She had a seriously infected wound which required prompt attention. Although we prefer to treat only if a parent is present at that age, we were concerned for health complications if not treated promptly. 10 people were assessed for wheelchairs. One young Mother carried her child to and from school each day due to spina bifida. We will follow up on these patients to purchase wheelchairs. Since school is out this week here, many children attended the clinic. Monica did a deworming program outside and treated 72 children for worms. We then did a sexual health group with young women enjoying the sunshine while the women sat in the shade! We appreciated sitting outside for this time while poor Jean was inside sweltering at triage but always with her infectious laugh. Other than that, we saw 619 people a the clinic today. We have a great group of Canadian and Kenyan nurses who work together and learn from one another. According to the Kenyan people, there hasn’t been much rain here, but today it poured after leaving clinic. For that we were grateful considering our location was at the bottom of a very long winding, narrow, dirt road and it may have been challenging to get out in our muttatu with 15 nurses, 4 clinical officers, and six boxes of medications! So, here we are at supper, preparing Tylenol for the next clinic and soon to bed to capture more mosquitos in my net. Talk to you tomorrow!

Clinic day1

Clinic day1

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  1. Karen Pal

    Awesome job. CNFA can handle any obstacle. Keep up the good work.

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