Monday April 28

Hi Everyone:  Sorry for the delayed blogging – we have had some blogging issues which may be due more to my skills than the internet which is what I was blaming it on.  You may be wondering the outcome of yesterday – we set off from Nairobi and made our way to Kisumu arriving just before Bhavesh closed the pharmacy.  Our meds weren’t as organized as usual as Bhavesh had been robbed that week so had to re-acquire our meds in a short period of time.  He reassured us this was not the first time he had been robbed – 3x so far.  However, we arrived late to Kakamega and because our Kenyan contacts had been notified of our issues, they had revised the clinic schedules so we could not start our first clinic today as planned.  Although we were disappointed and concerned for the community, our contact reassured us the revisions would cover their area and we would be able to provide for them as well.  We want to make sure we maintain our commitments once plans are made.  We had to admit we appreciated getting to bed under the mosquito nets (which seem to trap mosquitos in versus out for some!), knowing we had the day to prepare well for our week ahead.  So, our meds are organized, supplies prepared and we are all better rested to start the week!  By the way, check out our nurses attractive new outfits they purchased today!

DSC_0343 DSC_0346

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