Sexual Health

I had the fortune of doing sexual health with a group of young women today at the clinic in Wangulu.  I was a little concerned about doing condom demonstrations on the altar in the church but  one of the women explained that it was ‘their’ church so it was ok.  Often I find I learn more than I teach, which is what I find inspiring about the working with the women here.  They told me that requiring a male to use a condom was something a prostitute would do and so to use condoms in the home was unacceptable.  I was happy to find the women were quite interested in using female condoms.  We had a great discussion, laughter, and fun, and we were lucky to get finished before the rains started.



Lynn also speaks to the girls in the schools with permission of the head master.   The sanitary pads that have been sewn by so many Canadian women are distributed to the teenage girls at these clinics.  For those of you who are unaware, teenage girls cannot attend school unless they have sanitary pads.  Disposable pads are far too expensive to use, and so the girls go without or use what ever can be found during their monthly menses.  Because of the lack of pads, most girls are forced to stay home for a week each month.  Eventually, the girls lose interest in school and drop out.  What a waste of human potential!


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