We had an inauspicious start to the day with 5 of us down with a virus.  It seems there is always something during each mission that we haven’t experienced before and this  is certainly one of them. 

As the unwell took to their beds (everyone is recovering nicely, thank you!), the strong and well worked the clinic on their own.  We treated over 500 patients and, of course, Johnstone provided jiggers treatment to very poor and to the children in the nearby schools.  We were unable to deworm the schools due to a lack of manpower but will put them on the list for next week.  For those who have followed the blog over the years, Kigama is where we dewormed a school last year by accident.  We had been taken to the wrong school by the driver.  The headmaster, realizing that opportunity doesn’t knock twice, quickly organized the teachers and children and they all received their dose.  The headmaster was delighted and said “God has smiled on us today”.  This school is now on our list!

Kenyans get worms from contaminated drinking water.  While there are some protected springs and bored wells close to the schools, many schools don’t have access to clean water or the wells are unusable as the pumps need repair.  The worms live within the body and deprive it of nutrients causing anemia.  Since we have been deworming schools, the teachers say the children are more responsive to learning and are more active.  Some of the schools are now letting the children attend school without shaving their heads as the worms are no longer infecting their scalps.

Each day, we deliver 2 skipping ropes for the girls and a soccer ball for the boys.  As the school can provide nothing along this line for play, they are delighted to get the toys.  Thank you to all of you who donated both items.  You have brought the joy of play to many.

Remember the little girl we took to hospital the first day.  Today she was to be released.  We tried to pick her up from the hospital but she was being held ‘hostage’ as the family had an outstanding medical bill of 5000 KES, about $60.00.  I don’t know how long they would have kept her but I can assure you, she will be coming home today.

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