Priscilla’s Home Visit

I had the opportunity to be invited to a young mother’s home. She and her one son were treated for jiggers at our clinic but that is just the first step. The home needs to receive treatment as well. We drive her and her son back to their hut as they had walked quite a distance this morning. Along the way we picked up another man with jiggers along the side of the road. She told me it was not her hut but she was able to stay there at this time. We walked to her hut bringing all the treatments with us. I was overwhelmed by the compassion this young mother had for others. She assisted Johnstone , Jeff and myself to treat her other son, an orphan she cares for and this man from the roadside. She applied the Vaseline to this stranger’s infected feet and the orphan’s infected body. She helped and kept smiling and was so thankful for the treatments. She then quickly grabbed some branches and swept her floor before inviting us in to her home. She had one room with a partial partition, dirt floors, mud and stick walls, a few blankets and one table with a few bowls on it. That was everything in her home. The blankets were their beds. We treated the floors, removed the blankets and laid them outside on the grass for the treatment. She asked lots of questions because she wanted to do her best to follow the instructions and rid her home of jiggers. This lovely, young mother had so little but had a huge heart for others. She worked hard and gave of her own time to care for her own 2 children and the orphan who is mentally challenged and cannot care for himself. She is truly an angel of God living on this earth. May God bless her and her family.  Thank you especially to all the Canadians at home who support this work financially.  Sincerely Priscilla

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