Clinic Day Five – Kigama

Today, one of my helpers was an 18 year old girl who is in her last year of high school. She is hoping to attend university next year and to one day become a doctor!  It is exciting to hear the plans of those who have hope for their future.  Adults keep saying to me that they work hard for their children’s future.  If there were no children, there would be no hope for a future.

One of the ‘higher ups’ visited in his police vehicle today.  I was told to take my picture of him “quickly”!
It was a very busy clinic today. We registered 377 by 11am.  665 in total. Some presenting complaints included ‘face tumour’, a ‘gangrenous finger’,  some breast issues and a ‘stomach pain’ (protruding hernia).
Did you know that CNFA sponsors a nursing student named Victor?  He and a classmate also participated in clinic today, and we were grateful to have the extra staff.
Priscilla did a visit to the home of a 50 year old lady who was disabled and unable to attend clinic.  Her left arm appeared to have been paralyzed and twisted backwards and her right foot is twisted also.. She uses both a cane and a wheelchair and her son helps her get around as necessary. She received pills for some other related issues and malaria pills, also based on her assessment. While there, Priscilla also assessed the grand child, the daughter in law, and the 90 year old mother. Mom in law needed eye drops, and was also given vitamins as she is a nursing mom.
Monica and Nina also did a Jiggers visit to a one room house the size of our dinner table where they treated the floor.
I met Johnstone’s (for those of you who know him) mother AND grandmother today. His mother was helping me at registration and I went outside to meet his elderly grandmother and her friends. They were quite enjoyable and kept trying to feed me bananas until I was about ready to chirp(?) squawk(?) grunt(?) – what do you call the sound they make anyway??-  like a monkey.
We took a varied route home and saw some beautiful parts of residential Kakamega and also passed by the hospital for nursing and midwifery. It is truly a beautiful country and I am very grateful to be here!

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