Nairobi to Kakamega – April 22/17


(Sorry guys! Had some technical difficulties getting the blog up and running so be prepared as I play catch up to present time!)

Welcome to Nairobi!!!

If anything, I have realized that Kenyan time is much like island time…relaxed. An 8 am start rarely means 8 am, and more often than not we stop somewhere that we aren’t a hundred percent sure why.

We loaded ourselves into our beautiful van and took off in the very capable hands of Jerry and Jeffery, starting our 11 hour journey from Nairobi to Kakamega. This took us on an epic journey down the lovely, smooth, Kenyan roads. Our first hop off the bus was the astounding Great Rift Valley, which runs 6,000 km from Lebanon to Mozambique. Standing looking into it was pretty surreal, and made you feel like a tiny little part of the world.

The Great Rift Valley

Next “stop” was to bask in the glory of REAL LIFE ZEBRAS, WARTHOGS, BABOONS, IMPALAS AND GAZELLES just hanging out at the side of the road. Like what?? How is this even real life!?!? How can this be the equivalent to our everyday squirrel?

Roadside friends

We also stopped to cross the equator line and make sure to get a picture at zero degrees.

The Equator

This lengthy road trip also let me ponder some of life’s greater questions: such as, how does one effectively sleep on a bus? I caught Lynn catching flies in a very high reverse transdelenburg pretzel. Theresa was ko’d in supine, Tori + Sara were out like a light, neck pillows in situ, Brian got a c spine injury from his sleep, but all I managed was a stage 2 pressure ulcer. Lucky me.

Lynn catching some zz's

We finally reached Kakamega and our lovely home for the next two weeks: The Sheywe Guesthouse. Quaint and equipped with our own mosquito nets, flushing toilets and running water, we cracked a Tusker and mowed down on some good old fashioned Indian food. In Kenya.

Personal mosquito netsLet the journey begin.

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