Kakamega/Kisumu – April 23/17


Breakfast lead to some very interesting discoveries:

1) if someone offers you something called arrow root, do not accept

2) if you do, be prepared for it to look like a purple potato, be the texture of spaghetti squash and generally taste like cardboard.

But hey, when in Kenya, do as the Kenyans do.

We loaded into our almighty Jesus van to pick up some RDTs (rapid diagnostic testing) for malaria from the local chemists’, and then ventured to Kisumu to pick up our delivery of 29 boxes of various meds for the clinics.

Sexy wheels

Lynn, Trish and the RDTs

Low and behold the journey was a trying one. The roads are definitely something out of a roller coaster ride. That being said, the scenery helped take away from the jostling and bumping roads. Oh, and not fixating on the fact that they drive on the left hand side here. The chemist welcomed us and our girl (+Brian) power to lug said boxes into our car and get pumped about the start of clinics!

CNFA and our meds

This also gave us time to explore some local markets and the talented artists, partake in some sweet, sweet bargaining and hit up the local Nakumat (aka Kenyan Costco). There is something so interesting about hitting up a local supermarket. It is always an array of such unusual things that we don’t see back home!

Nakumat aka Kenyan Costco

Coming back to the Sheywe also gave us the opportunity to sort through all the phenomenal items that we had brought in suitcases with us. It just goes to show how important sponsorship and donations are! We were left with huge piles of clothing, toys, shoes, pads, bags, homemade toys and hats, as well as all of our medical supplies that could not have been made possible without the support of all of our amazing CNFA contributors. Talk about the good of human kind!Suitcases Still more suitcasesMore donations

Early to bed, early to rise. Clinic #1 is just around the corner!

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