Clinics tomorrow

Habari from Kakamega!

Brief intro.  I am Michelle, Gail’s niece, and I have the privilege of doing the blog this season.

Quick update:

We picked up the medications today from the ‘chemist’ in Kisumo.  If you like our Canadian Nurses For Africa page on facebook you can see the picture of the van.  It is PACKED FULL with no people.   Just medicine.  Everything was sorted and organized this afternoon/evening and after a good (hopefully) night’s sleep, we will head to our first village – Itegero – Basali East.

FYI – Patricia’s room rocks.  She has a massive suite and thus is finding herself inundated with requests to use her kettle to make me coffee.  And sit at her table.  And sit in her comfy chair.

Trish and Lynn are four floors (about 8 stairways) up 8-$

Monica’s room leaks like a sieve and I shower in the dark.  When I asked about a lightbulb for my bathroom they look at me like I’m crazy.  I can imagine the mental conversation “what? you have a bathroom?” lol….

Excited for tomorrow!  Thank you to everyone who makes this mission possible!


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