Clinic Day Two – Budaywa

Today, 481 people attended the clinic at Budaywa.  Fewer people needing care means that the programs of education and treatment are EFFECTIVE!

Six wounds required attention, including that of the young man from yesterday who went for xrays as a result of a motorcycle accident.  Helmets were a surprise to see, though not everyone uses them and definitely not the women and children who ride behind.

I watched Lynn teach a sexual health class today outside the small church building that we used.  I also received an education.  Women condoms….who knew!

Poverty is, of course, very evident.  Three boys, ages 12, 11 and 10, were brought to clinic by their grandfather.  They have no parents, and with their grandfather being mentally ill, the boys live alone.  They receive lunch when school is in session but, no school equals no meals.  It is so heartbreaking to see and to know this is not an isolated case.  The four of them were treated for jiggers.  They also receive a special home visit in order to treat the house floor (such as it is).  Over 400 people have been treated since 2012/13 when the jiggers program began.  Today Johnstone treated four people!  Jiggers is slowly being eradicated in this area.  More evidence of the effectiveness of treatment and educations!

A 13 year old girl was brought to clinic today by a family member.  It appears to be not uncommon for children to spontaneously find themselves with a form of paralysis.  Sometimes it will eventually go away.  This girl will receive a wheelchair and physiotherapy in the hopes that she will be one of these that walk again!  This is a result of YOUR generosity!  Thank you also for the toys, clothing, etc.  The children love them and the parents are so very grateful!

It was pouring when we left Budaywa.  Some of us had our doubts regarding the ride home in the mud as it quickly turns liquid in the torrential rain.  I am in awe of Jeff’s driving!  He must be the best driver in Kenya.  And he, of course, works for a pretty terrific organization!

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  1. Linda Greenway

    What an incredibly challenging day. You all deserve a medal for your dedication for sure.

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