Clinic Day Three – Mugongo

A day of adventure. Due to the all night downpour, the van got stuck on the way to the village. We ALL had to get out and push, Pricilla diving right in there with loads of energy! I took some video so go to the Facebook page and see if it uploaded. The wifi here is limiting regarding photos on the blog but will keep trying and will keep facebooking!

Today, at clinic, 462 people came through registration. They were very, very grateful to have CNFA come and it is always an eye opener as to how far SICK people WALK in order to attend. We Canadians are so very soft!

Johnstone treated 18 people for jiggers today. If you aren’t familiar with jiggers, please look at the project tab to learn more about jiggers and its effects. It’s quite remarkable how it is treated. I had the privilege of rubbing Vaseline on post treated feet. The skin is incredibly hard, both from the jiggers, as well as the treatment.

An 8 or 9 year old girl rode to clinic on the back of her mother; both legs very badly burned from porridge three days ago. She was in so much pain she couldn’t even stand. The injury was dressed and medication provided for pain management and she will return to Friday’s clinic for more treatment.

One gentleman arrived with his finger having been ripped off A MONTH AGO by the rope attached to his pulling cow. The bone was sticking out of it. What a stoic people! It was dressed but really needs surgery in order to remove the protruding bone and close the wound. When CNFA return home, Johnstone will follow up and CNFA may be able to fund the surgery required. Twelve other wounds were also treated.

So many very young mothers. One 16 year old girl had 4 children with her. Also, many sick children with malaria. One little boy went to the hospital with malaria and his little brother was also tested, but thankfully he is negative!

Thank you again for your support! Gail is a powerhouse with all the energy and work, care and compassion she puts into this organization! Quite a remarkable woman and what a remarkable team of onsite nurses and Canadian home supporters she has pulled together! The Kenyans are very grateful and say so often.

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  1. Dawn Bernard

    You are doing impressive work. We are following along and think of you all often. All Canadians should be grateful that they are born in Canada. It is nothing more than an accident of birth. I hope those who read this will donate so you can continue this very worth cause.

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