Clinic Day 8 – Viyalo – Chavakali

Today Laura, Harriet and I went to the school next door to deworm many children from kindergarten to grade 8.

We had three of the cutest albino children at the clinic today – gave them all new donated sun hats and bought them sunglasses as their biggest complaint was the sun being too hard on their eyes. 

Here is Jerry modeling some sunglasses.

Laura and I brought a brand new soccer ball to the school but decided we didn’t feel like getting a soccer ball to the face today so we played duck duck goose instead.

This lady loved her new dress!

More wound care!

Nancy had a very busy day with hospital transfers – one of them being a lady who had elevated LFTs and needed an ultrasound. She also played a game of “touch the mzungu” meaning white person, with a little boy. 

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