Clinic Day 7 – Chavakali

Happy Nurses Week! Here we are doing what we do best – playing cards.

After a well deserved day off, it was hard to get up this morning – I was definitely the walking dead for a few minutes. We started the morning off with our daily seagull selfie.

At triage, Meaghan had half her hair ripped out by a 7 month old. 

Laura, Gail and I fixed this lovely lady with a new hat and matching scarf – she was so happy.

Kristen, Karen and Meaghan dewormed many children at a nearby school.

Throughout the mission we’ve tried to master the African way of carrying large objects on your head.

Update on the bug zoo in Laura and I’s room – there’s no update, we’re too afraid to check.

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  1. Susan Posgate

    Thanks for the updates, ladies. Wish I was there. Take care of yourselves.

  2. Linda Greenway

    Love the pics and stories associated with them.
    I know you are all working hard but glad to see smiles on your faces and those of you clients.

  3. Tonia Christie

    I keep saying it you guys are AMAZING. Glad that you got some time to spend all together exploring. Any good on you! I would not be checking
    under that basket either…..stay safe all.

    Aunt Tonia XX

  4. cheryl steele

    happy nurses week to you all…you inspire
    have a great week

    ps how are the three nurses who were sick ?

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