2024 CNFA Trip- post one, better late the never.

Hi everyone ! I am Cassidy , and I will be the blogger for the 2024 nursing trip , along with my friend Amberly … we are new to this team this year and we’ve quickly developed the nickname of the “dream team” so I think everyone had some high hopes for this blog when we were picked for this… but I mean it’s better late then never , and I’ll explain why it’s late later on…we are newbies at this mission and the blogging scene so bare with us please .  So here we finally go…

On May 2nd 2024 , 15 nurses from across Canada began the 2024 nursing mission . 

After a couple long , and even cold( freezing some might say ) plane rides , we finally arrived late in the evening in Nairobi, Kenya on May 3rd . 

We spent the day of May 4th doing some team bonding , and attempted to beat the jet lag by visiting the Giraffe Centre , Karen Blixen museum , and the African heritage house .  While our luggage ( personal and donations ) went on a road trip to kakamega as the suitcases were deemed to be too big for the plane in the morning. 

May 5th we boarded another small  plane – with just our carry ons and landed at an our final destination . Ready to get settled into our new home away from home for the next 2 weeks .  The staff here at the Sheywe were super thankful and excited to see returning staff and to meet the new members of this trip , we were not only greeted by people but by two cows , some cats … and even a lizard in a toilet .  The original plan was to unpack , settle and sort donations of clothes , toys , and wound care supplies…. Well lucky us nurses always expect the unexpected. Our luggage was not at the hotel!  Some of us were a little  nervous it wouldn’t arrive , but thanks to one of our nurses dads travel experience , we had an AirTag attached to a bag so we were able to track it , and let out  sighs of relief everytime we check to see our baggage was closer to us .  After what felt like forever we were reunited with our suit cases , and worked as a team to sort all donations of clothes , shoes , glasses , toys and wound care supplies and prepare for our first clinic on Monday .

Nurses week started off for us all on May 6th with our first clinic in budaywa friends church ,  while three nurses branched off and began their part of the trip to do health education for CNFA maternal / child program. They are focusing on education and teaching local health promoters about healthy pregnancies , deliveries and signs and symptoms if something should go wrong .  After us seeing  just under 500 people on day one at the clinic , it was planned to begin our blog… but did you know it’s rain season here ? And we experienced it – we had intense rain / thunder , power outages during supper and the night …. This made internet access very limited especially since just the breakfast hall has wifi at the hotel . 

So after many delays , technical difficulties, stressful events ! We are here to update you on day 2 ! 

Day twos clinic was held in Chavuli P.A.G church , where we seen over 500 people ! Where  we saw a variety of diagnosis/ problems and over 20 wounds were assessed, cleaned and dressed , 37 people received new reading glasses , and we provided medication and education to everyone . Donations have been given on both days , and both the children and adults are so appreciative of everything they have received  . 

The maternal and child program had an emotional day , when they got to witness jiggers treatment being done , and were also able to provide a young local boy with a bright new future … after hearing the story we quickly ran upstairs to sort through donations to be able for provide this boy with some new clothes , toys , shoes and socks ( thanks to one of our small feet nurses ) . 

Tears , laughs and sadness were all shared during our family supper debrief .  But as things go , we hit technical difficulties yet again , when my eSIM would not work / allow for internet again over night ! I guess I’ll be a morning blogger with my coffee . 

Thanks for following along, and we look forward to updating everyone on a daily basis going forward ! And I promise not all will be as long winded at this one – but we had so much to catch up on . 

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