Wednesday May 5, 2010

We are purchasing new meds and have found a cyber cafe. The keyboards letters are worn off so excuse errors. We are all fine and have been working very hard with very full days. We are ending the day with the toys you have donatd. So many smiling faces, so many children with so little. Thank you to the donation of sanitary pads and baby blankets. The women are overjoyed. We must get more people making the pads.

Must go. Will post again when possible.

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  1. parmour

    Ladies, so great to hear all your news! Especially happy to hear you all arrived safely and are doing able to do your intended work! interesting politics, sounds familiar!
    Stay strong and healthy, God Bless you all for the wonderful work you are doing!
    Thank you for taking the time to share so that all your loved ones can live through your adventures!
    Trish’s sister,

  2. Jodie

    I love reading your adventures thus far and how all the hard work and donations prior to the trip are paying off. It’s trips like these that makes us very grateful for what little some may have in Canada.

    Looking forward to your future entries!
    HI MOM!

    xo Jodie

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