Viyalo – Chavakali

IMG_4144DSC_0109Today is day 8 of the 11 clinics we have scheduled this year. It was a busy day with 740 inpatient clinics, 433 children dewormed, and two patients taken to hospital. One was admitted and the second was sent home with a follow-up home visit by one of our nurses planned for tomorrow. Another female presented post-surgical complications and she has been asked to return to our clinic on Friday for further assessment.DSC_0059

DSC_0068Dinner conversation tonight was active as the nurses discussed their Kenyan hospital experiences. Nurses in Kenya have huge patient loads and are expected to do all patient care and treatment. Naturally Western hospital standards differ from Kenyan hospital standards and when the two experiences clash, it can be very difficult to accept. So the next time, you are in an ER, remember to be patient and to be grateful that when you get care, it will be the best that is available.


IMG_4136Deworming children and adults is an important CNFA program. Worms are small and white and infect humans through poor hygiene and infected water. They cause poor night sleep, intestinal blockage, and malnutrition. Many of the children in Kenya have distended abdomens which indicate they are filled with worms. We provide a one dose tablet of albendazole that kills the worms. As you are aware, we are currently treating children in each area we hold clinics. In November, we are planning to have two of our Kenyan nurses visit the same schools to re-treat the same children. In the past, teachers tell us that they can see a remarkable difference in the children once they have been treated. They are brighter and more alert. And what nutrition goes into them is processed by the body. It all comes back to having clean and safe drinking water. We are in a circle. If we can provide clean drinking water for the schools and hand washing stations outside the latrines, the circle becomes fragmented. If you can help, please contact us at


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