Things That Go Bump in the Night

We aren’t the only guests at the Sheywe although we are in the majority for sure.   This guest house is quite luxurious for its location and each year there are improvements to the grounds and the rooms.  This year, they have constructed 3 rondos that guest can stay in, round rooms with a straw roof.  They are quite nice actually  but of course demand a premium price.  Canadian Nurses for Africa volunteers are budget conscious.

Our rooms are quite basic and the bathrooms haven’t changed much except some of the rooms have new mosquito nets…so no more tape for the holes.  The toliets flush somewhat better although common sense says when you shower, catch some of the water in the big black basin to help flush the toliets.

Aside from fellow guests, we share the grounds with other creatures.  I managed to get photos of most of the extra guests except for Lynn’s slug…5 to 6 inches long, she swears, and very brown in color…not only was it moving in the bathroom, she found it was making a bee-line, as slugs are known to do, for her bed.  She put a basin over it and called on Gail for a rescue the following morning.  Here are the most frequent visitors to the compound….

cow calf goats cat stork nest bird IMG_3524

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