Sunday May 6, 2012, Chavakali

Today was a “sleep in day”. Like most days when you plan on sleeping in, you find yourself awake at the usual time. The nice thing was the opportunity to grab your pillow and snuggle back in for a little while. Speaking of pillows, we call the ones that are on our beds “a bag of lumps” as they have been washed so many times, that is exactly what they have been reduced to.

The majority of us went to an African Church today. We were supposed to attend one in the city, slip into the back, enjoy the service, and slip away. Imagine our surprise when our van drove out of town. An hour later, we arrived at a small church (I didn’t see the name) and the people were waiting for us. There was even a translator (the teacher Clinton). The Bishop spoke to the people and Clinton translated emulating the Bishop’s tones. He did a great job as he became impassioned when the Bishop did and then soft when the Bishop reduced his voice.

The congregation sang Jesus loves me to start but I think it was the only English song they knew. Oh I forgot, once we arrived, we were paraded up the aisle and had to take a seat behind the altar. I think I accidentally sat in the Bishop’s chair but I didn’t know where else to put myself. The service, at least our portion, ended with drums, clapping and everyone, including our nurses in a frenzied dance. Fortunately, I was taking video so I didn’t have to show the Kenyans that I didn’t have rhythm. When we left the service continued in its usual manner, but not before an offering when we were asked to pay for a boy’s hospital bill. We didn’t pay for it but everyone gave something toward it. Interestingly, during the service the Bishop said there was a land dispute in the village and asked the offending parties to come forward. They came and prayers were said for a just solution.

The majority of the nurses then went to Lake Victoria to see the hippos and to a Masai market to shop for African style goodies. Lynn and Trish stopped at the pharmacy and purchased more medications for this week. Dinner was exciting as those who shopped brought many of their purchases to the table and we all ooohed, etc. I am publishing a photo of the service and some others that were taken this week.

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