May 6, 2011


I have a moment and want to tell you something.  Yesterday we treated a 10 year old boy who had lost the ability to use his body from the waist down.  He had had a virus at an early age; it went untreated; and his family can’t afford the money he needed for physiotherapy.  His mother, who is a slight woman, carries him on her back.  I gave him a teddy bear yesterday when they were leaving the clinic and he smiled.  We are going to buy him a rough terrain wheelchair.  If there is anyway, any one of you, could share in the cost, Canadian Nurses for Africa would be grateful.  But more than that, you will give this boy a chance to go to school.  His mother can barely carry him now, so he will be soon too heavy.  He will have sit at home.  I will leave that with you and will let you know what happens.  I have to get back to the clinic.


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