May 2, 2023: Budaywa

Apologies for the delayed post. After taking the scenic route (read took a wrong turn) we arrived at our clinic site more or less on time. A small contingent to greet us, and the ever present Solomon. Clinic was set up and the people came. Today brought joy and gratefulness from our patients, and a few tears for our nurses. We saw approx. 540 patients.

The Gift of Vision: As with any other health care needs of the people we see, eye exams and prescription eye glasses are beyond their means. Every year we bring non-prescription reading glasses and are well received. This year we brought over 400 pair. We are very thankful for the donation of these glasses, and the generosity of our donors. When assessing the recipient a bible is used. Today a gentleman received a pair of glasses and cried when he was able to read it. Or the huge smiles when they put on the glasses. A nurse or two may or may not have also shed a tear or two.

Thank you Acton Optical
Pleased as punch

One of our team, Fatima, had the opportunity to do a home visit today. In January the patient had fallen and sustained a fracture/dislocation of her hip. With no financial resources she remained at home, with no pain medication or other help apart from her daughter, who is a single mother. They waited until April, knowing we were coming and may be of some help. Fatima accompanied her to the hospital where she could have an assessment done by the orthopedic surgeon. CNFA was able to provide the financial help so badly needed.

Physical Assessment

Team Member Intro: Fatima is from Cornwall and works on a medical/surgical floor. Born in Africa she emigrated to Canada as a young teenager. Fatima has a big heart and it nearly broke to see her patient in such conditions. She has the perspective of both cultures and says she reminds her kids every day that they don’t know how fortunate and privileged they are. We all need to take a page from Fatima’s book.

Fatima and her patient

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  1. Gail Wolters

    Fantastic that CNFA can once again help people who have greater needs than they are able to afford. Love those big smiles!!

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