Journey to Kisumu – Shaken not Stirred







The roadie to Kisumu started off in luxury – Jeff and Jerry picked us up at the Sheywe in the shiniest matatu we’d ever seen, complete with a flat screen tv and surround sound. However that quickly turned into something out of a nightmare for the car sick girls not being able to see anything out the front window because their vision was obscured by some African ladies dancing in a music video on the big screen. With Patti basically needing to stick her head out the window for the ride, Krista’s low key voice of panic said what we were all thinking “is this tv going to be on the entire time? I feel like we’ve been kidnapped.”

Meaghan, Laura and I were mildly concussed in the back seat from banging our heads on the roof with every bump we hit. Both of them discreetly saying “I’m now realizing I’m not wearing enough support for this.”







After picking up the boxes and boxes of medications at the local chemist, we made a quick stop at the Maasai Market to try and bargain for some souvenirs.

Back at the Sheywe we sorted out the thousands of supplies into piles for the 11 days of clinics.

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