Well I woke out of a deep sleep by a scream and the first thing I thought was “Oh those Ugandan soccer players are partying again” then I realized it came from Monica and Becca’s room. I rushed in to find Gail standing on a table trying to capture a bird that had flown into their room. Thankfully Gail was able to capture and free the bird while Monica and Becca stood outside in fear! Today’s clinic was at Itegero which is our first time at this location. It was a nice big church with lots of space and even a breeze blowing in which was a nice change. The community were welcoming and had set up the clinic before our arrival. Of course our dedicated Solomon was there to greet us. He is a 73 year old man who has been at every clinic opening for three years. He always starts our day with prayer and song. Although today he mentioned we were from the North Pole he made up for it by planning the drums in celebration of our arrival! He proudly introduced us to his wife stating she has blessed him with 8 sons and 2 daughters.
We saw 663 patients, 19 wounds, and dewormed 237 children. We saw many infants today. You’ll notice in the pictures some beautiful Kenyan babies wearing robeez, thanks to Tiea and Jaide who give up their birthday presents to donate these shoes for the babies in Kenya. It is unusual for children to have shoes here so this is a special gift for the mothers.
The most remarkable event from today was Jean’s drive-thru triage station. You will see in the pictures that a motorcycle drove into the church and from station to station as the patient on the back could not walk. This was a first for us!
At the end of the day it poured rain as we were leaving. We were thankful that Becca and Monica were in a rush to get back for the supper with our Kenyan colleagues so packed the van for us. Tomorrow we are driving into Kisumu to pick up Priscilla, our last team member to arrive. We are planning on spending some time at the market since it’s our day off. Monica and Becca are going to ride the hippo boat (they’re only scared of birds not hippos!). Talk to you Monday!

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  1. Eric Wright

    On behalf of all of us relatives of the Canadian Nurses for Africa, we miss you deeply and would like to thank you for the incredible, inspiring work you are doing! You are all so selfless that it makes us want to make a difference in the world! There truly are no better role models to look up to. We love you and could not be prouder!

    To Lynn Wright: Eric, Amy, Jordan, Sonja and Troy love you so much!

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