“I’ll have the vegetable curry for dinner – something new and different”

Today Karen was off to a good start when she locked herself in her room, unable to find her key and then had no running water to shower or even use the toilet. 

Laura and I had a nice night with our bunk mate the cockroach that slept under Laura’s bed who we trapped under the garbage can.

Today we made the short trek to Kisumu to pick up our medications at the local chemist and visit the Maasai Market for souvenirs.

The bug bites and heat had Laura and I yelling

“What do we want?” 


“When do we want them?”


Once we got back to the Sheywe, we sorted through all of our supplies and made piles for our 11 days of clinics. It was a long process so of course we did it with tuskers in hand.

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  1. Linda

    Wow. Looks like organized chaos on the beds. Lots to do. Enjoy your time and work there.

  2. Priscilla Bowler

    I miss being there. Looks like things are coming together for your first clinic, Have a great day tomorrow, priscilla

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