Gail and Jane

Gail and Jane

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  1. Carrie Raybould

    Hello Gail,
    We met at our Advocacy Breakfast at St Luke’s last spring and again this fall. Our team is in the process of initiating a fundraiser for the Latrine Project! We are gathering information to present to our Parish Council. Could you please share the cost information etc. with me so I can include all the important information in our proposal?
    See to have misplaced you card with you phone number….mine is 905-681-2816.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Eric N. Mayo

    Hello Gail,
    I really enjoyed the presentation this morning that you delivered to the Probus Club attendees in the Burlington Arts Centre.
    I also wanted to remind you about my off-line comment regarding Air Miles potential from the Ontario Liqour Control Board..
    As mentioned, I have been told that 1.5 percent of the cost of liqour sold to the public COULD go to fund the Air Miles program.
    Over the years, I’ve noticed that a great number of sales are made by people who do not have and Air Miles card or are not members of the Air Miles Programme.
    Consequently, the Ontario Government simply holds onto this potential ‘windfall’ to which they are not really entittled.
    However, there is nowhere (currently) to where this money might be directed.
    I wonder if there is an opportunity, through negotiation, for this money, which does not go to personal Air Miles card holders, to be directed into a ‘pool account’ from which Organizations such as yours may be supported.
    As noted, to buy liqour in Ontario, one must buy through the Liqour Store.
    Unlike other compaines who have a relationship with Air Miles in order to win customer loyalty, there is no alternative in Ontario to the OLC.
    The Ontario Government nor the OLC is not entittled to this money. Perhaps there is an opportunity to negotiate benefical alternatives.

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