From Gail Wolters, CNFA President and Founder

Dear friends, family and supporters,

It is hard to believe the 2012 mission is behind us and we are on our way home.  The numbers again are staggering.  In the 11 days of clinics, we treated 8,342 patients. Of those, we treated 22 in hospital and will be following up with further care. We treated 130 patients with wounds, some of them horrific. We also made 5 home visits to patients unable to come to the clinics.  We conducted sexual health clinics for approximately 30 girls and women every day. At these classes, we were able to distribute the reuseable sanitary pads and drawstring bags made by our wonderful sewers in Saskatchewan and Ontario.  The recipients love them! Such as simple way to ease some of the difficulties facing these women.

Our school deworming program was successful in treating approximately 5361 school children. For the first time, we introduced a jiggers eradication program which you can read about on the blog. These people are the poorest of the poor and having the jiggers treatment gives them hope and the ability to help themselves. The jiggers patients, mostly mothers and young patients, received the beautiful donated blankets and baby clothing to protect them during this cold and rainy season. In all, there were 1081 individuals treated for jiggers and the follow up treatment of their homes continues. Thank you to Jacquie and her husband who provided closed toe shoes for many of the group.

There are patients with acute illnesses that we will follow through the local community workers. Some will require follow up care including possible surgery. There were 4 people who are in desperate need of a wheelchair.  We will not forget them either. The total number of individuals treated this year was 14,789!!

I wish to thank the team of 2012. A special thank you to Trish, Lynn and Dawn who travelled with me for the third time and worked tirelessly, not only in the clinics but also organizing and preparing for the next day during the evenings. They truly gave all of themselves to the people in our community in Kenya. A heartfelt thank you to the other members of the team. The first year is huge in processing everything and you all worked so hard to make sure we treated as many patients as possible every day! Thank you to our Kenyan brothers and sisters who worked alongside us: the nurses, clinical officers, driver, community workers and all helpers.

Thank you again for all of you in Canada! The teddy bears and wooden cars again brought joy to the children, most who have never owned a toy. The toothbrushes were distributed at the schools with the teachers, who were instructed in their use. The donated drugs eased the suffering of literally thousands.

We will carry the joy and pain of the faces of these last two weeks with us. They will motivate us to start fundraising and planning for 2013. We will not forget! And we will live our lives in gratitude for, by the accident of birth, we live in such a gently country as Canada. Thank you to all who donated in any way,

With gratitude,
Gail Wolters, President CNFA

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  1. Helen Best

    Hello, I am an LPN in Alberta. I am very interested in volunteering for a mission trip abroad. I am wondering where to begin to find a mission trip I am able to participate in and how to get started. Please email me back at the listed email.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Helen Best, LPN.

  2. Philip Nganasa

    Hi Gail Wolters, am so grateful to read what you are doing for most Kenyan more so Vihiga county, kindly can you extent in Kakamega county. I own a private school which normally host vulnerable children I might appreciate so much if you can extend your hand of assistance nor connect me to s friend who can offer assistance Madam.
    Otherwise wishing you all the best and God to give you strength for what you are doing.
    Thanks in advance.
    Nganasa Philip.

  3. Vicki Reitknecht

    I have tried to mail you a cheque but the post office has returned it to me saying you have moved. Pls advise me of your new mailing address so I can resend the cheque. Thks

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