Friday, May 9, 2014: The finale

Well, we almost made a record of having no transportation issues through this whole mission until this morning! We had our annual flat tire on the way to clinic but thanks to our fabulous driver, it didn’t stall us for long. A busy clinic at Hamadira where we saw over 700 people, dewormed the school, and did two sexual health groups. It was notably a poorer community and we saw a lot of infants at clinic. This community was very appreciative and we had two testimonies and thanks for services provided the previous years. You will see in the pictures, one man with no legs who came to the clinic by supporting himself with two logs which he hopped along with. We had donated a wheelchair two years prior which was well used but now broken (not to be surprised considering the road conditions). We sent one patient to Itando hospital which is run by Sister Carmen who is an energetic and vibrant woman who cares for all patients who enter her facility. This was our last clinic and last time with our Kenyan colleagues so it was a sad good-bye until we meet again next year. Although CNFA has organized this mission for six years, every year we learn something new and become a stronger organization. However, these missions could not take place without its supporters. Most of you who are reading this have supported CNFA in some way. Every morning after prayer, Solomon makes a speech and asks us to as well. Of course, we always rely on our trusted leader, Gail, to do this deed. She always indicates that we are here because of support from the people in Canada who care for the Kenyan people. So from the supplies you donate, items you make, funds you contribute, or time you spend to help us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, as do the Kenyan people. Without you this mission would not be possible.
This is a speech made by Jerry, our Kenyan helper:
Today we culminate the 6th anniversary of the good relationship between Canadian nurses and people of Sabatia. It’s a moment that leaves me with mixed feelings of joy and sadness. Sadness because I am saying goodbye to people who in the last few weeks I have become fond of and formed even a stronger bond. Happy because I have been part of a team that has brought happiness and hope to the people of Sabatia. That said, I will be out of order if I don’t appreciate the following people who have been instrumental in this program. First, I would like to thank Aggrey Mulamba for this support. His contribution toward the success of this program has been immense even in his absence. I would like to recognize Solomon, “Mr. On Time” and his team whose zealous stewardship has brought us this far. Before I go any further I have one confession to make, Jeff and Evans, our drivers have ensured our safety as they drove us around. For that I would like to recognize. Our clinical officers and local nurses led by Sarah, thanks for the dedication you have shown towards this project. You guys have been amazing. Johnstone for his dedication to jiggers eradication and his arrangement for the local helpers and clinical areas, thanks. I would also like to thank Monica and Becca in a special way. It’s your first time in Kenya and by the look of things, you enjoyed it. The weather and food here can at times be surly for first time visitors but you guys were amazing, one could hardly notice it was your first time. I hope you come back next time. I have a lot to take home from my experience here. Among them is having dedication and personal organization attributes that I would like to borrow from Lynn. She made sure all the records and meds were organized which saves us time – thanks “muffin lady”. A jovial, funny and great laugh- those are the adjectives that perfectly describe Jean. I have enjoyed every single working moment I have had with you. Working with you was fun. It was an experience I looked forward to every day. I would always remember and treasure the moments. I hope to see you next time. Priscilla, the wound lady with that great laugh – Asanti and karibu tena. Finally I would like to appreciate in a special way, Madam Gail. For six years you have been with us without tiring. You have led us to another successful program. I admire your leadership skills that have contributed largely to the success of this program. Every year I learn something new from you and I try as much to apply the lessons in what I do. Those I didn’t mention – Madam Trish and the entire group who made this program possible. Asanti, Thank you all and God bless you.

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