Friday April 30, 2010

Today started with excitement and has yet to end. Our adventure was to start in Africa, but instead it started at the airport. KLM had made a flight adjustment and three of us were headed to London on British Airways, another with Air Canada and the other four to Amsterdam as originally scheduled. After long delays and much anxiety, four of us are still headed to London, but all on the same flight, and the other four to Amsterdam. After we checked our 18 bags of luggage, we stood in security line ups that felt like for ever. I wondered at the time if the lack of fresh air in that area added to security in a way I didn’t understand. We finally met up as a group in a small eating establishment. Trish, Blanca, Sherry and Lynn were on the KLM flight, which left two hours earlier than ours. We know they made their flight because the airline finally quit calling their names over the loud speakers. Every one ended up happy: the nurses finished their meals and the plane departed on time. Of course, everyone knows that nurses handle emergency situations in a calm timely manner, so really KLM, what was the problem?
Gail, Sylvia, Pricilla, and Dawn are on the London-Nairobi flight. We arrive Nairobi two hours later that the rest of the group, which has caused an issue as Aggrey, our Kenyan contact, had to be notified and he had to adjust our pick ups. All in all, none of this was insurmountable. As there is no free internet at the Toronto airport, this will be posted later. Keep in touch.

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