Final Numbers for 2018 Mission

Hey everyone!

As promised, here is the final count for the total number of people seen and treated through the 11 days of clinics of the 2018 mission.

We saw a total of 5,823 people in 11 clinic days. This number does not include the 315 people we treated for jiggers, the 181 people who were tested positive for malaria and treated for, the 90 wounds treated, the 405 young girls taught sexual education and given reusable sanitary pads, the 1,559 kids dewormed, and the 411 people given reading glasses.

We also did 12 home visits and sent 19 people to the hospital for further treatment.

We could not have made this mission possible without the help from our sponsors as well as all of the generous donations from all of you. On behalf of the 2018 CNFA team, we are so thankful and grateful for the support from your donations – you were all just as much a part of this mission!

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