Education Day 2014

In preparation for our upcoming mission we held an education day to learn about the experience we will be having in Kenya.  Six of us nurses will be travelling on April 24 to reach our destination on April 27th. We will be starting clinics daily until May 9th.  We have a great group of nurses who are super excited about this experience.  This is CNFA’s sixth mission and we look forward to reconnecting with our Kenyan colleagues in Kakamega!


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  1. Dear Gail and Colleaugues,

    I wish you all a very successful sixth mission to Kenya. The work you are doing is so necessary to the communities you treat. Gail has told us about the very long days you all put in — be safe; stay healthy; and know we are all thinking of you.
    Warm regards,

  2. Bob Smith

    So proud to know Jean Jaggard who is doing her second tour. Good luck to you all I hope you all are appreciated. You all perpetuate the Canadian image the world admires so much.

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