Clinic Day Four – Wangulu


The last two days, before the clinic begins, all the Kenyans gather with the CNFA team, and two or three people share how CNFA has affected their lives and that o their families.  They are so, so grateful that the nurses come year after year.  Today, at clinic, 418 people passed through the doors.

There were a couple of brief hiccups today.

One, when our vehicle broke down on the highway.  I wondered if we would all have to hire tiki tikis ( motorbikes) to ride to Wangulu.  Would be quite a sight!  We stood on the side of the road for a while and Jerry flagged down a Matatsu.

Two, the clinical officers showed up a couple of hours late today.  We had to pause registration after the first 80 or so people, and the Kenyans expressed some concern that they wouldn’t receive care but it got sorted out in the end.  During the lull, I took a skipping rope out to skip with the girls…or I should say, they skipped…I tripped.

Pricilla, in her lovely fuscia gown, was able to attend a home visit to treat the floor of a family who were treated for jiggers.  Take a good look at the photos in order to see what jigger eggs do.  CNFA is so grateful for the product you send that Johnstone uses throughout the year to continue treating adults and children with jiggers.  It really is an amazing process.  Priscilla has promised to write something up regarding her home visit and I will blog that in her own words as soon as it is available.

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