Clinic Day Eight – Viyalo

Today in Viyalo, there were 653 people treated at the clinic.  Approximately six wounds and 20 jigger treatments as well as home follow up visits.  During clinic, a woman appeared to be in distress so was pushed to the head of the queue.  After an examination she was taken immediately to hospital.  We are still awaiting word.

Gail has had a child named after her!  A lovely two year old arrived, registering as “Geil”, and her mother and grandmother stated that she was named for our CNFA president.

After Gail touched base with the headmaster at the school, Lynn, Trish and the Kenyan nurse, Sarah, began sexual health class.  The teacher says the class was only half attendance as after being on holidays the month of April, it takes a few days for kids to all start attending again.  The reusable sanitary pads are also distributed at these classes.  Thank you so much to all those who participated in making those!!  They are so appreciated by the girls!

Not tons of news today, everyone is starting to feel tired; busy clinics, noisy nights, interesting meals.  It makes it worthwhile when each day we hear how people are learning how to be healthy, are appearing to be in better health than in past years, and to see the gratitude of those who attend the clinics.

Kids are kids no matter where you go…little monkey!


Clinic in action…



Solomon, and Johnstone, our jiggers eradicating expert!  Tragically, Solomon’s grandson was killed in a motor accident in Nairobi this week.  It is very expensive to bring the body home to bury so everyone contributed a little. SolomonJohnstone

Reusable sanitary napkins and little bags to put them in! Sanitarynapkins

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  1. Dawn Bernard

    Congratulations to Gail and all the teams she has lead over the years. We are so proud of all of you and so pleased to be able to be a part of it. It is such a learning process to realize that the discomfort you experience is temporary but is never ending for the people of Kenya.

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