Clinic Day 6 – Inguga

Nina Lynn distended tummy swollen neckToday, clinic was alongside of what seemed to be a main thoroughfare rather than a more isolated location.  The hustle and bustle of Saturday traffic was an added attraction for those of us who are still new to Kenya!  Being Saturday, today was a shorter clinic but we still had 440 people pass through.  These included 19 jigger treatments, and 160 dewormings!

There have been several interesting characters this week, including a 100 year old woman who brought some children for medical attention.  She, herself, was only there for a bit of a headache.

Today included a little emaciated boy with a distended stomach due to an undiagnosed cause, and a 16 year old boy, Patrick, with dangerously high blood pressure.  This would be considered a medical emergency in Canada!  Both went to the hospital for investigation.  Unfortunately, investigation usually involves sending them home with some (and not always applicable) medication.

In case you aren’t aware, CNFA  comes home from Canada with a list of urgent people and situations that need immediate intervention. Having come face to face with these individuals, it is AGONIZING to evaluate what can be done with our limited financial resources. If you are in any way able to sponsor or partially sponsor one of these situations, or simply give a gift towards helping provide treatment (hospital tests, costs, surgeries, treatment drugs) please…please… go to the donation tab.

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